Monthly Archives: October 2016

Metsakalmistu (Forest Cemetery)

While Estonia has plenty of what you would consider “regular graveyards”, they also believe in making cemeteries public spaces. Many of their cemeteries actually double as parks. What makes the Metsakalmitsu such a draw is that unlike Kalamaja kalmistu which was completely flattened, or Raadi kalmistu, which is no longer active, Metsakalmitsu is in use to this day. Continue reading Metsakalmistu (Forest Cemetery)

Väike Mõtted (Small Thoughts)

We’ve now been in Estonia for 2 months and I am at the point where I have a bunch of random thoughts that don’t really belong anywhere so I’ve just made a list of them. This will probably be very amusing to me once I’ve been here, say two years but now I’m settling in to that period between “everything is new and shiny” and “oh, this? psh, whatever”. I try my best not to generalize and these are only based on my experience and my point of view. These are a Tallinn-focused experience and may not apply to the rest of the country as well. It’s important to take that in to account and remember that there isn’t one specific experience in a country!

Though it’s 100% true that Estonians love vodka and rye bread 😉 Continue reading Väike Mõtted (Small Thoughts)

What Do You Do All Day?

I’m sort of stuck in a limbo right now while I wait for my residency stuff to come in. This is the first time in half my life I’ve not had to work or go to school or both. I am also not struggling for money or actively looking for work or a job (I can’t legally have either until I get my papers anyway so there’s no use in looking). I have been living my life as a stay at home wife technically. A little strange and I’m sure I’ll grow bored of it soon but for now it’s just been really relaxing and helping me catch up on my life. Below is a listing of a typical Wednesday from last week. Continue reading What Do You Do All Day?