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Hello, it’s me, Mab. I am 29 years old, married to a guy named Andrew and we are on a big adventure together (spoiler alert: it’s life – the adventure is life).

I was born in New York and made my way 2,800 miles across the US to Seattle by way of a 4 year layover in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to grab a degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Now my husband Andrew and our cat Henna and I have decided to pick up and move 4,800 miles to Tallinn, Estonia. It’s a sort of unique event so hopefully I’ll be able to blog about it regularly for the curious and of course, to help keep in touch with all my friends and family at home.

A little bit more about me (though if you’re reading this your probably already know me!):

Like most people, I don’t write enough. I sometimes don’t read enough and usually I also don’t sleep enough.

My last job I worked for a very tiny company where I wore a lot of hats, mostly database work and keeping the inventory updated and humming. Previously I’d been an elementary school teacher, a translator, a mentor, a community organizer, an astronomy observatory assistant, freelance editor, and I did my life shift in food service and retail as well. I’m basically your extremely well rounded modern working woman who had traded in her big dreams for putting food on the table and keeping a roof over our heads. All that changes now that we’re moving to Europe and I hope we continue in our personal successes as we navigate a new continent.

My favorite things in life are socks, cooking, language learning, having long discussions about the nature of humanity and analyzing media/pop culture. I speak a few languages and I’ll be adding Estonian to my belt as quickly as I can as well. I run a food and recipe blog that I update bi-weekly here and it’s possible I will flesh out more of this about page some day but writing about yourself is a sort of text based uncanny valley so I’ll just stop here.

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