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Metsakalmistu (Forest Cemetery)

While Estonia has plenty of what you would consider “regular graveyards”, they also believe in making cemeteries public spaces. Many of their cemeteries actually double as parks. What makes the Metsakalmitsu such a draw is that unlike Kalamaja kalmistu which was completely flattened, or Raadi kalmistu, which is no longer active, Metsakalmitsu is in use to this day. Continue reading Metsakalmistu (Forest Cemetery)

My BFF, the 4 Tram, Or I Love Tallinn Transit

Having recently been in Germany, I can tell you that transit in the US in every city really pales in comparison to German transit and I can say pretty affirmatively, compared to Tallinn transit, most of the US transit system is quite sad in comparison. It’s not just that our house is located in between three bus stops and very close to a tram stop as well, it’s that the buses always come on time (+/- 2 minutes, they wait if they’re early though) and transportation here runs basically constantly on 15 minute or less cycles going to most of the places I want to go. The whole model runs on the hub and spoke so you can take a tram to a bus transfer or vice versa easily. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? Continue reading My BFF, the 4 Tram, Or I Love Tallinn Transit

Apartment Hunting

We’ve actually been in our apartment for almost a month now but the information about finding an apartment in Estonia is still good for probably a few years. I apologize as most of these blog posts will be behind what I’m doing by a couple weeks for a while since I wasn’t able to access the internet for a while there and we were dealing with general moving issues but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up sooner rather than later. Continue reading Apartment Hunting

Old Town

With its towers and spires peaking out from over the walls, Tallinn’s Old Town is not only a tourist trap or a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also a bustling mini-city inside of a large stone wall, parts of which are still intact for over 600 years. Probably the majority of tourists coming through Tallinn are there solely for the Old City but actually it contains the President’s House, the Parliament, Estonian Parliament, and a lot of houses and businesses for the locals as well.
Continue reading Old Town