Hey Mab, Whatcha Watchin’? (Part 1 of 2)

I don’t know what other people watch on YouTube or if they do but I figured it might be fun to shout out to a few channels I’ve really been digging. I randomized these but I obviously am in a media analysis bent lately when before I used to watch a lot more slice of life stuff.

Just a small note, I tried to steer clear of stuff that was really big name, so yes I watch vlogbrothers and I know all about MyHarto, Rhett and Link, Cinemassacre, etc. I put the cut off around 1 million subs which seems sufficiently large. I feel confident that most people  can go to a top 100 YouTubers list and check those out but instead these are lesser known people with content I enjoy. I found most of these people by word of mouth instead of by YouTube algorithm and a lot of them worked together at some point or joined a like chain, which is such a nice way to see new content!

Binging with Babish (food/TV)

If you like food, TV, and starring at a man’s torso this is the cooking YouTube channel for you. Babish recreates recipes from TV and movies every week with a soft wit and charm that makes him really easy to watch.

kaptainkristian (media contemplation)

I just started watching this channel and it’s a little bit of everything but I am kind of on an analysis kick and while I don’t always agree with him, I really like thinking about the topics he brings up. He also branches out from just TV and movies and it’s hard to find people who cover ALL the topics.

Jay Smooth (activism)

Though he doesn’t post very often, Jay Smooth always brings it when he vlogs. He’s worth a follow on Twitter too but I found him during the first days of Gamergate and I don’t ever regret the follow.

Chainsawsuit Original/Movies with Mikey (critical movie analysis)

Pretty great movie analysis with a positive edge. Mikey is so funny that he has created a great amount of inside jokes that I now use in my everyday language. If you LOVE movies, you will love Mikey.

Geography Now (educational)

There are over 190 countries on Earth and it might be time to learn about them…NOW! Follow Barbi, avid world traveler and fact gatherer, as he weekly looks in to what makes each country on Earth unique – in alphabetical order.

Tuneful TV (vocal/music analysis)

Natalia reviews music, songs, and has in-depth knowledge of the music world. Now she’s even started a site where she follows new music from around the globe. I did start watching her for Eurovision reactions but she’s also just a pure delight to watch!

Lindsay Ellis (in depth filmography, half review/half education)

I’ve actually know about Lindsay for a long time but she’s moved from whatever the fuck Nostalgia blah blah who cares on to actually really serious and wonderfully done movie analysis and she’s consistently one of the best around. She has a tendency to ramble and a love of Disney which includes pulling Disney apart in the most interesting ways. Win-win folks.

Akilah Obviously (comedy, slice of life)

She’s so good people keep ripping her off! But it’s Akilah, obviously. Part comedy, part real talk, and always amazing.

Every Frame a Painting (movie analysis)

No, you’re too serious about movie analysis. But seriously, Every Frame a Painting is great and I hope that it updates again soon.

ochikeron (Japanese cooking)

Very simple Japanese cooking channel that’s mostly in English with some slice of life thrown in there sometimes, I just find this channel really soothing.

So there’s 10 for this one and they’ll be another 10 next time because I didn’t want to overload the post with too much info. What are you enjoying on YouTube?! Did I miss something cool?

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