5 Quick Things #3

I’m moving this to a monthly feature of five quick things I thought were cool. This way I don’t feel pressured to link you less cooler things in an attempt to churn these out faster. Most of these aren’t particularly timely so just enjoy 🙂


>Number One<

A Fantastic Comic about Time

Written / drawn in 1989 by Richard McGuire, Here, is a unique 6 page comic which weaves in and out of time, space, and humanity. Reminding me distinctly of Slaughterhouse Five and other jumbled narratives it’s a captivating comic. A few years ago Richard McGuire expanded it into a full graphic novel which is worth a pick up at your library or book store.

>Number Two<

A turn of the century mad mans diary

You may not know this about me but I’m completely fascinated by the idea of perpetual motion machines. In order to get ready to write a piece about how these machines have followed me through metaphor in my life I decided to sit down and read The Perpetual Motion Machine: The Story of an Invention by Paul Scheerbart, an account of a man in 1907 obsessed with bringing these machines to life. This book follows not just the creation of many failed machines but also as an accidental guide for failure as an emotional and spiritual journey of self.

>Number Three<

Poetry, Sweet Tea

I was told that last month was poetry month which is easily my favorite month! I have a love-hate relationship with spoken poetry but every now and then something comes along and grabs you and “Sweet Tea” by Dave Harris is one of those poems that has haunted me for years now. What better way to honor poetry and America than this?

>Number Four<

Eurovision: Now With More Essays!

I have a few articles coming up about Eurovision as we get close to this years show but after Conchita (the 2014 winner from Austria) was outted as HIV-positive it made me come back to an essay about place and belong for LGBT and even just broader sex politics at Eurovision from 2015. Carniel’s “Skirting the Issue” is only 20 pages long but dives down to some of the boundaries Eurovision breaks and the walls it puts up in its place to keep order.

>Number Five<

My Favorite Food Blog in the Philippines

I’ve been following this site for several years and it’s probably one of the most interesting food sites on the web. Pepper is a recipe, restaurant, and so much more. They take a holistic approach to food covering everything from fast food all the way up to famous chefs and everything in between. With stunning photography and quite a pinch of humor it’s just a great all around site when you need some inspiration.

If you have anything cool to share with me let me know! I’m always on the lookout for neat things 🙂

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