5 Quick Things: August 2022

Welcome to 5 Quick Things that I saw since last month that I thought were interesting enough to share with you. None of them are particularly timely so feel free to just enjoy 🙂

>Number One<

It’s Not All That Absurd

As a kid I spent quite a lot of time reading philosophy and thinking about the nature of the universe, probably more than I have should since I turned out like but what I do know is that we live in the absurd. We have always lived there but I think the complexity of the world has become more and more obvious over the last three or so decades as information accessibility has sky rocketed so maybe it might be nice to lay out some terms.

In all honesty I had to link this page to about 6 or 7 people who thought I just meant weird so like, let’s appreciate the middle ground between wikipedia and actually picking up a book.

>Number Two<

Not Another Argument about Kink at Pride

I feel like a decade ago this wasn’t a problem but all of a sudden it feels like gay sexuality has to be even more neutered than heterosexuality and at least in much of the English-speaking world, that seems to be a very slippery slope. This article kind of hits the real world intersection of a few concepts that have been bumping into each other in the discourse online about sex, sexuality, and kink. Also, for whatever reason, I saw quite a few great resources on the history of the leather bar just a few months back and it’s been on my mind.

>Number Three<

Lost in the Sauce

I’ve really enjoyed the videos from FD Signifier since I found his YouTube a year or so ago and his two part series on Obama is one that I keep thinking about as the US has its 800th talk about who is going to run in an election that is 3 years from now because America has a perpetual election cycle which keeps us locked in looking at the future instead of doing things in the now (but that’s neither here nor there). I think Obama is an interesting figure and his place in history is both exceptional but also painfully status quo and I love how this video deals with the honest coming to terms of what we hoped Obama would be versus what he actually ended up doing during his time in office. I know this is part two and part one is also good but that part is the potatoes and this part is meat.

>Number Four<

Human Limits

Is it hot enough for you? If you’re anything like me you’ve been having a hot girl summer…meaning you’ve been sweating in your house to fairly unrepresented heat that will now rapidly become the norm. The thing is, in raw numbers, it isn’t actually all that hot where I am but it’s impossible to cool down for any number of reasons not including that there is simply no infrastructure on any level to deal with heat so much but also because it’s extremely humid where I am. We have mild summers where it normally should be about 23C but the humidity it almost around 65%+ meaning that 25C is a day when everyone stops and needs to go beach side, it’s a shocking low temperature here when people start to pass out from heat exhaustion and/or die. It’s just a thing to keep in mind that while the human body is fairly adaptable to temperature, it has discrete limits.

>Number Five<

If Anything about the Last Two Years has Struck You Let it be that we need to Communicate Effectively with the Public

We have the science. We have the proof but we’re still not giving out the information in effective ways. Media outlets have struggled to get across the severity and explanations for climate change for my entire life. They have basically every problem you could possibly have communicating the information from not having scientists on hand to explain to people in accessible terms all the way to flat out not reporting on climate change because it is “depressing” news. There are things we can do and there is still some time to change it, but it means changing how we talk about climate, how we communicate science, and how we take people’s lack of knowledge in to account during these segments. I hope we are learning our lessons and applying them quickly.

Alright folks that’s all she wrote, see you next month!

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