5 Quick Things: July 2018

Welcome to 5 Quick Things that I saw during the last month and I thought were interesting enough to be worth sharing. None of them are particularly timely so feel free to just enjoy 🙂


>Number One<

Fandom as Religion

I’m not sure I could even give you a great explanation of the fandom wank that was Snapewives but as a layer on top of that, this paper about Snapewives / Snapeism explores the delicate mishmash of fandom as religion which is a topic I love to talk about. This paper focuses on the question of how faith and practices can be reconciled in the fact of something that is blatantly false and the reaction by others to that faith. Kind of a really neat case study and well worth its 50 jam packed pages.

>Number Two<

Drew & the Medicinal Pen

I saw this guy preform back in 2007 and he seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth but I recently repurchased most of his music because none of it is Youtube. It’s just some random guy I really liked.

(Also it doesn’t seem to be any of these songs but it’s basically my lost song a la Hard Day’s Pete episode of Pete and Pete but I remember a song he had with the lyrics “it says take one but I take three, I’m going to feel better in the morning. This only comes on at night, I think I’ll write another sad song” and it’s stuck with me for a decade so…it’s kind of a big deal to me).

>Number Three<

Strange and Wonderful Youtuber

I have no idea how I came across Emilia Fart’s YouTube channel but I’m really glad I did. She is the right blend of ridiculous and heartfelt and just straight up unbridled self-focus that I kind of am in love with? I don’t know how to advertise this, just watch the video and see if it clicks with you or not.

>Number Four<

Four Poems

These are just four very lovely poems by Kimmy Walters. You’ll probably see more from this site because they have great stuff posted from a lot of different authors. I really love modern poetry and also sad poetry so that’s your small warning I suppose.

>Number Five<

Doctor Who Analysis

This absolutely fantastic analysis post about the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special, “A Christmas Carol.” I literally cannot toot the horn of this post enough. It touches on not only the plot, character moments, and arc of the story but also delves in to the connections between the special and Moffat’s older Doctor Who writings as well as the cinematography and lighting of the special itself. It’s a long read but it is a beautiful and thoughtful piece about my absolute favorite Doctor Who Christmas special.

That’s all I’ve got for this time, see you again next month with some new, cool things.

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