5 Quick Things: September 2023

Welcome to 5 Quick Things that I saw since last month that I thought were interesting enough to share with you. None of them are particularly timely so feel free to just enjoy 🙂

>Number One<

Accessible Baking

I have a lot of bones to pick with recipe sites on the internet which is why my personal recipe site is just that, a personal recipe site but I do recognize my way of doing things is not always that helpful to everyone. We need a variety of sites for all types of people at all levels of cooking and baking and that’s why I love King Arthur’s recipes/site because they provide such an interesting range of clear recipes and tips. I don’t have brain fog or ADHD but I was really excited to see this blog post with tips for baking successfully with brain fog. I think baking is great and hope that everyone can enjoy it at their own pace.

>Number Two<

Okay Internet, Show Me Content

I’ve read plenty of books and articles about how the data that is being collected from all our devices works and how terrible that is over the past decade (and before that) but this piece is interesting to me because it’s from a layman perspective of someone just starting to notice this and all the branches that start forming because of it. Especially with the oncoming storm of AI and companies installing computer programs in places where a human would be a better conduit this piece is an interesting musing on where we are now and the places we might be going.

>Number Three<

Stan Culture Vs the Homosexual Agenda

I really can’t sum this video up better than Herby does himself :

Queer stand culture is unique and [therefore] create[s] unique modes of complexity and unique modes of harm

This is such a wonderful deep dive into that especially since I feel like we keep trying (as a society) to deal with our stan culture and parasocial culture it’s excellent to be thinking about some of the intersections and complications that we can bring to that discussion.

>Number Four<

Refund the Libraries

Enshitification is probably one of the best words that has been coined in the past year and if you’re not familiar with that word, you’re at least familiar with the actual phenomenon. Between all the major social media players making themselves markedly worse by injecting ads over the years to Unity even getting in on enshittifying itself by trying to change to a pay per click model business have a path where they take a perfectly good service that is making money and make it worse because they decide they want more money short term, even if it completely destroys the product. Anyway this seems to be a model that is coming to public services near you. This is popular model which has made railroads, healthcare, and utilities worse and its coming to a library near you.

>Number Five<

How to Get Your Medicine

It’s hard to pick which part of the American healthcare system I liked the least but calling the pharmacy several times because they keep denying you medicine you need to function is up there. What I can tell you is that Matthew Cortland has created a handy guide to help you do that. In the end, there aren’t choices when it comes to your health about these things and I hope for America to get better but it only does when more people care about the fact that this is what it takes to access medicine in America.

That’s all for this month and hopefully I’ll see you back again next month with some more exciting and cool things!

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