Doctor Who: The Comprehensive Guide to Things I Like, Eighth Doctor Edition

This is a short overview / series for Doctor Who episodes that are my favorite from each doctor after finishing all of the TV show Doctor Who (Old and New).

Just a couple thing before I jump in to it:

  • I broke these down in to Doctors because comparisons between the eras are nearly impossible
  • There’s a link to every other entry at the bottom if you missed any of them
  • These are not reviews or even summaries, they’re just some stray thoughts about what I liked about the episodes usually
  • These episodes are listed in order of airing, not in order of ranking
  • Also :

I have listened to only 23 of the very many 8th Doctor audio stories and I am still kind of in love with Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor anyway. It can be easy to discredit him as Doctor because mostly people remember 8th from the movie (or not at all because everyone skips the movie!).

Eight Doctor in the movie is joyous, fun, excitable, and spacey. He actually reminds me a lot of 11th Doctor when he first started out. In the audiobooks, at least where I am now, that has evolved several times over. In the first season of the audios until Zagreus he is a plucky, funny, cheeky sort of guy and after the events of Zargerus and especially after Scherzo his personality tends darker and more introspective. 8th is always ready for adventure and excitement though making him both less dour than our New!Who incarnations and much closer to many of the Old!Who Doctors — at least through his first two season (I haven’t started in on the 8th Doctor Adventures).

I will recommend you a handful of audios to listen to at this end of this entry but since I haven’t yet listened to them all (fake fan alert!) it’s harder to do so than normal so in place of that at this time here are a bunch of gifs:

So if you haven’t watched it then first of all, I would suggest the Doctor Who movie even though it was kind of 90’s level bad.

Also please watch The Night of the Doctor which was a Day of the Doctor lead in that actually makes all of 8th Doctors adventures TV canon 🙂

I’m not going to do write ups for these as people probably haven’t listened to any of the audios and I don’t want to spoil any of these stories but Storm Warning is the first one and you should give it a try if you love Doctor Who and listening to podcasts – it’ll help you get a feel for if you really want to dive in to the audio books or not. The Big Finish productions are absolutely fantastic and when the stories are right they can be even better and more exciting than the TV show as there are no limits to budgets, sets, or many of the things that complicate the show. The voice work is just amazing for most of these especially from McGann and his cast of companions!

Here have been my favorites so far:

Storm Warning
The Chimes of Midnight
The Natural History of Fear
Terror Firma

When I finish the rest of them I will probably swing back for a take two but you can find an easy to understand guide the audio books here with links to each of their Big Finish pages as well.

Here’s an index for the other entries:
1st Doctor
2nd Doctor
3rd Doctor
4th Doctor
5th Doctor
6th Doctor
7th Doctor
8th Doctor
9th Doctor
10th Doctor
11th Doctor
12th Doctor

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