Eurovision 2019: Cyprus

Hello welcome to my series of quick takes designed to get you ready for Eurovision 2019. Just some quick thoughts / my take on each of the 41 songs this year. The countries are in alphabetical order so without further ado: Cyprus.

Country: Cyprus
Singer: Tamta
Song: Replay
Personal Score: 10 out of 41
My Prediction: Q

Those maniacs, they did it again!

Cyprus isn’t even pretending that thing song isn’t just Fuego 2.0 and there’s something commendable in being that open about it. I mean the song is not just a replay of last year but it’s literally called Replay. Beyond that, this is a BOP. I’m pretty interested to see if Tamta can pull this off live as well as Eleni did last year. If it’s even half as good it’ll easily qualify since it’s very contemporary but also fairly interesting as a song – it has the bombastic beat that is so popular right now.

I think the best part of this song is that it has a lot of places that the staging can go. I think this will be a really fun and bright number on stage and it should have a lot of popular vote power but I’m also not sure how receptive the jury will be to this so it could end up mid-board but either way it’s likely smooth sailing to the finals and that’s important for the tiny island nation.

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