Eurovision 2019: Montenegro

Hello welcome to my series of quick takes designed to get you ready for Eurovision 2019. Just some quick thoughts / my take on each of the 41 songs this year. The countries are in alphabetical order so without further ado: Montenegro.

Country: Montenegro
Singer: D mol
Song: Heaven
Personal Score: 39 out of 41
My Prediction: NQ

I feel kind of awful about how much I don’t like this song. It’s sung by several 18 and 19 year olds who deserve much better than this extremely tepid outdated soft ballad. This is something I would almost expect to hear on a soft Christian spotify channel and it would make me cringe less than its place in Eurovision.

The only way to stage this is basically for them to all sing in a line or maybe turn and sing to each other but even if the song material wasn’t vapid and vaguely religious, the problems with this song are numerous. I’ve seen this live and no one is the “star” in this in that everyone is about high school chorus good. There’s nothing exceptional about anyone’s voice or performance, there’s nothing exceptional about the song, and worse yet, this is a song that would probably be much better served as a solo or a duet and when you add more people to it you lose all potential and interest. There’s a reason most ballads are solos or duets and its because you end up with something like this if you add more people. It reminds me (uncharitably) of Argo’s “Utopian Land” (Greece 2016). It has the same muddled vaguely ethnic-ness about it, the same too many cooks in the kitchen, the same lack of counter point to bring any interest to the song. Anyway this is three minutes of white noise basically and I don’t think that’s a fair thing to do to under 20s.

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