Eurovision 2019: Norway

Hello welcome to my series of quick takes designed to get you ready for Eurovision 2019. Just some quick thoughts / my take on each of the 41 songs this year. The countries are in alphabetical order so without further ado: Norway.

Country: Norway
Singer: KEiiNO
Song: Spirit in the Sky
Personal Score: 2 out of 41
My Prediction: Q

This is the total package. It reminds me of Euphoria because no matter who I play it for, they seem to get into the spirit of it right away (pun probably intended but I’ll leave it for you to decide how cheesy I am). This might not be a winner in the space future of 2019 in our post “1944” as Eurovision winner world but it certainly isn’t JUST a piece of plastic produced cynically which makes it absolutely worthy of the attention its getting from betting and fans alike. This song is a bop and its more Swedish-style dance music than your average song but bringing in nice touches of that Norwegian flare and an honest to go joiker blends modern and traditional in a way that is sure to win people over.

I don’t have a lot to say about this song despite how much I absolutely adore it, I think it will simply speak for itself as it combines a lot of good elements into something better than its parts. The upbeat and pleasant sound, the positive message, and the ties with Sami people are all big pluses and I see it easily passing into the top 10, possibly the top 5 with the right staging. Really happy to see Norway bringing their A game this year.

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