Hey Mab, Whatcha Watchin’? (Part 2 of 2)

I don’t know what other people watch on YouTube or if they do but I figured it might be fun to shout out to a few channels I’ve really been digging. I randomized these but I obviously am in a media analysis bent lately when before I used to watch a lot more slice of life stuff.

If you missed part one allow me to refresh you with a nice, shiny link. Below is the second half of the list of YouTubers I’m really digging right now. Hopefully you’ll find a new favorite to watch among them.

Nyle DiMarco (d/Deaf activism)

Winner of both America’s Next Top Model AND Dancing With The Stars, Nyle DiMarco is amazing at pretty much everything across the board. He’s a 4th generation deaf man and his brother is even a deaf DJ. His videos encompass everything from modeling and TV to accessible activism and just general slice of life.

skunkape (comic tropes)

If you like poking fun at comics, you will enjoy skunkape. I wish I’d met this guy when I was back in Washington but basically he takes you to a different comic book store every time, picks a random issue of the topic or author for the week, and walks you through the story of the comic pointing out trope. Oh and every time he spots a trope he maybe eats a progressively hotter pepper, or takes a mile run, or drinks brandy.

Stewdippin’ (nerd culture, slice of life)

Mostly just a guy who really enjoys singing, TV, nerd stuff, and being positive about the world. Stewdippin’ is the type of content that makes me want to reach in to the computer and hug him! Also he loves throwback culture for all you 90’s kids.

Crash Course (educational)

I wrestled with putting this in or not but Crash Course is still one of my favorite things on YouTube and it’s worth pointing out again for the people in the back. Taking education to the masses in small, digestible bits with bent for a wide variety of voices and sources in the ‘doodly doo’ in case you want to go more in depth.

Pop Culture Detective (in depth media analysis)

This guy came out of the gate swinging. The first time I saw him is actually the only video of his I don’t like (Born Sexy Yesterday) but I’m always up for following someone down the rabbit hole of well researched and thoughtful media analysis.

Robobuddies (cartoon analysis)

So this channel is still kind of new and she’s a little rambly but also, she’s incredibly good at breaking down shots, moods, art, and story. I’m looking forward to so much more in the future.

Nerd Sync (comic review and analysis)

This channel kind of blew me away since most channels are just going over what happened in an issue, this channel attempts to drill down in to why several issues or canon or characters are important and what their meaning could be. Bonus, I can now link this video any time someone asks me why I hate the Inhumans.

hartbeat (slice of life, LGBT)

Hartbeat does everything. A little song, a little dance, some sketch comedy, some getting real with you. She runs a few channels but her main one has the content I like the most, she will brighten a dark day.

Rikki Poynter (slice of life, d/Deaf)

Make up YouTuber turned reviewer turned ASL-learner, Rikki is a deaf oralist who vlogs everything from her struggles with accessibility all the way through to scary movie reviews. She’s been learning ASL for close to 2 years now so a mixture of her videos are ASL but with her #nomorecraptons campaign you can be grateful that even if you don’t speak ASL, the captions are top notch!

La’Ron Readus (movies/TV/LGBT)

I love La’Ron. He does great reviews, breakdowns, and thoughtful videos about culture and media. He is a writer who seems like someone I would be super friends with in real life. He also made a series of videos for Nanowrimo last year – how cool is that!? (But he only has 4.6k subs and that is a TRAVESTY folks.)

So that’s some of what I’ve been watching lately. Let me know if you liked any of these and ended up following them or which channels you’re really in to lately! And don’t forget to Like, comment, and subscribe to all these channels!

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