Poem: Here is Death

I added a poetry category to my page because I guess I’m writing poems in 2019.

Here is death
in full view of a courtyard
where balloons make their way to heaven
Their colors a prism through tears
the beep of an answering machine
Voice of apology – looping
no longer seeking absolution
the soft white couch
Unmarred in the past by tears
The shuffle of feet through a forest
Blue phone light glaring on a strangers face
Death comes;
In citrus married with yeast
shoulders heavy with echoed knowledge,
Seashells tumbling from a glass container
A sweltering heat with no end
fog with endless rain,
The warmth of a body wrapped around another
Birds singing in chorus with sobs.
Here there are mile markers.
Remainders. reminders.
leftovers. holdovers.
no graveyard could hold these.
No body would even try.

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