Poems: 5 Poems for March

I made a bunch of poems in March and I don’t know how I feel about any of them so here’s five of them because quantity over quality!


Hum starts in
Low in the throat
Pleasing then welling
Of nameless origins
That come and go
As I sing the song
that rights the stars

Good Time Girl!

I’m great at parties
Got a smile so wide
Fires up your room on entrance
A blow up display
With wacky waving hands
That bound off every surface
Until I own the place!
A laugh that knows
Heady and bright
Champagne dreams
Or sad eyes for your
Beck and call
Even tears welded in place
Ready to pour me out
In place of sharp scotch
Next time I’ll cook your favorites
Greedy tang of honey on your lips
Your fingers, as you lick
Every drop down
I’m the best you ever had
Worth every penny
But I come so cheap.


You noted them broken
but still had the gall
to look shocked
when I collapsed.

I can learn to love your bad advice if you would just come back and give me more

I can learn to love your bad advice if you would just come back and give me more
Shove each word out of your mouth down my throat, haphazard and sharp
(no matter how wrong you are)
Even if words were lava, burning up goodness at an alarming rate
I could swirl them on my tongue, release their raw energy into my gut
Let them drip acid out of my mouth as they burnt together
The places inside you that attached soul and not-soul in an unholy matrimony
You didn’t want smoke, fire, blaze, so you kept on repeating the words
(like you were an echo)
Holding my hair tight, laying it on thick, again and again
Breath too close to my face in dark, lies forming in my ears
(can’t ruin something already ruined)
Your teeth clicked and jaw unhinged just to tell me
we give to others all the things we’re too scared to give ourselves

nervous break

when she puts
her hand
on your shoulder
in front of god and a whole room of
bodies you mistook for shadows
don’t know, about you
how you don’t
can’t imagine, you won’t be
She says
“sit properly”
She says
“sit nicely”
and you sink into the chair
wanting to be a good girl
like you used to
be anymore
(waiting) eyes of stares turned
not patient
She says
“sit well”
when you do it wrong
try to fix but
you don’t, anymore
even understand the words
let alone how you can’t
if you ever did.

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