Poems: October

I guess it comes and goes because I didn’t do much poetry writing this month and what I did do, was quite short. Here’s a few gems from this month.


Rocky road rolls up through my feet
As you hold back
Confused standing in our driveway
Turning my head
Towards the dark
Through the trees
Sharp pangs but never turning back
I am leaving you, naked, holding against your skin a picture of me

Big girls cry
And I am leaving you drowning

I returned home.

I returned home.
kissed every inch of your face
placed the war on the shelf
serenaded by your soft song
yet every night when the bombs went off
they are the ones who found their home in me

Museum for Future Genocide

I knew it was no surprise that
by the time they jotted down the plans
for the building
it’s sweeping pillars, gleaming white
blood and dust had been collecting underneath them
for nearly a whole of your age

We knew then it was futile
To strength the walls fast enough not to be entombed
With great spirit, we will try again
merciless clock ticking down
For these buildings they don’t build themselves
our hands do.

River Side

Wring my hair on the flat rocks
Arms raised
Body turned
Downward motion
Til blood from hand
Blood from stone
Wring my hair on the flat rocks
Wait at shore
Hold at dawn
Til your wake subsides
Rolling grief, like water to tide

I like them Soft.

I like them soft
He tells me over coffee
when fingerprints
push into flesh
mold over curves
pressed in, pushing
boundary, pushing muscle and bone
soft remains
surrendering but never changed.

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