What Do You Do All Day?

I’m sort of stuck in a limbo right now while I wait for my residency stuff to come in. This is the first time in half my life I’ve not had to work or go to school or both. I am also not struggling for money or actively looking for work or a job (I can’t legally have either until I get my papers anyway so there’s no use in looking). I have been living my life as a stay at home wife technically. A little strange and I’m sure I’ll grow bored of it soon but for now it’s just been really relaxing and helping me catch up on my life. Below is a listing of a typical Wednesday from last week.

9:00 Alarm goes off
9:05 Check phone, play Sailor Moon Drops while wondering about how cold it is outside the sheets
9:15 Actually get out of bed, not that cold, it’s 12°C outside
9:20 Finally feed cat who is exploding with meows
9:25 Make the bed, this has not changed my life as every internet guru on Earth implied it would but it looks nice and it helps me not crawl in to bed mid-day
9:30 Check my to do list and update it, add “get two liters of milk” because I want to make cocoa
9:35 Realize I should pack Andrew’s lunch (lasagna, buttered rye toast with garlic, and salad)

9:45 Pick out clothes and get distracted reading news on my laptop
10:00 Decide I should first brush my hair and make a cup of tea
10:15 The time I actually start doing that as I end up arguing on the internet
10:20 Small internal debate while in the bathroom if I should clean, exercise, or study first
10:25 This tea is VERY HOT
10:30 I’m going to workout first, I do my program, I’m on Day 24 and I’ve lost 3.6kg in the past 6 weeks but most of it is probably the extra walking instead because I was doing this program while in Seattle too. I have done 3 months of it (I keep starting it over because it’s still hard for me!)
10:35 While taking my 2nd break between sets realize I made tea, still warm!
10:40 Finished all 3 sets and I’ll get the 20 minutes fast walking in later, I get dressed before the internal heat of working out wears off
10:45 Put on some rad tunes and put away laundry from yesterday and pick up the living room

10:50 On a roll, decide to do the dishes too
10:55 Eat an orange
11:00 Augh, gotta take the bio trash downstairs and back up the 5 flights of stairs
11:10 check the weather, decide to go to Pirita tomorrow, click through things on the internet to read later

11:15 Work on my Estonian, Unit 5.2.1-5.2.34

12:15 Read a few blogs in Estonian but eventually get frustrated after having to look up too much stuff
12:30 Make myself some lunch (leftover lasagna and salad, just a less glam version of Andrew’s)

1:00 Go to LUSH and get pumice stone Andrew asked for
1:30 Go across the street to Rimi for mid week shopping

  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • chicken drumsticks
  • milk
  • cat food
  • toilet paper

I have to mid week shop because we have a dorm sized fridge that fits about 3 or 4 days of food at best
2:00 Get back to the house and take a quick shower
2:30 After internet puttering, hunker down to write my own stuff for a while
3:10 Get totally distracted, having written only 600 words and watch an episode of Jane of the Virgin [Chapter Eighteen]
4:10 Try to write again
4:20 Decide to find a blanket pattern to crochet for the winter, fall down internet rabbit hole
4:50 Uhhh, I need to start making dinner (baked drumsticks with carrots and potatoes) has to start
5:05 dinner goes in the oven
5:15 spend an hour internetting
6:15 Andrew comes home from work
6:20 Food is ready finally
6:30 Watch Daily Show, Agents of SHIELD, and Brooklyn Nine Nine

8:30 clean up the kitchen
8:45 Wind down by checking Tumblr and talking to people on the internet
10:30 Feel like I did nothing all day
10:40 Aimlessly re-read what I wrote during the day
10:55 Wonder if all life is meaningless
11:10 Check tumblr again, end up reading articles about animation
11:25 Floss and brush my teeth, do my night time getting ready for bed routine
11:40 Slide in to bed and pick up reading “The Nordic Theory of Everything” where I left off at page 53, read for about an hour, and then pass out.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do All Day?

  1. At least you do things! Today I got out of bed at 11:30, right now I’m sitting in my pjs eating bagels and playing video games. I did poop Tarkin, so I guess that’s something.

    1. I am just really motivated because it’s been 15 years since I actually had time to exercise properly, cook every day (I like cooking), study a new language, AND write for an hour or two! Usually it was a kind of pick one at best and maybe rush through a second one while destroying my sleep schedule and/or sanity. I have a lot of time to make up for!

      I have been playing plenty of video games too and catching up on comics/manga and laying in bed reading books mid-day (aka reading 20 pages and somehow falling asleep) but I had been building my “when I have time” list and I am VERY GOOD at winning at lists XD

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