5 Quick Things: August 2021

Welcome to 5 Quick Things that I saw since last month that I thought were interesting enough to share with you. None of them are particularly timely so feel free to just enjoy 🙂

>Number One<

Love and Black Men

F.D. Signifer is making a whole bunch of really interesting videos and this one happens to be one of my favorites because its something I have thought about before but due to some, uh, reasons, I haven’t really been able to sink my teeth into it and getting to hear black men talk about love in their lives, their connection to themselves and their potential partners and their reflections on how media shaped their idea and how they wish media were was such a breath of fresh air it helped me generate all new thoughts.

>Number Two<

True Crime vs The True Criminal Systems

I’m sure I’ve highlighted Melina Pendulum before but she’s just been really hitting them out of the park this year and this video is great. I suppose I thought it was going to be another take down of people enjoying the “true crime genre” but it turned out to be instead a really nuanced look into the systems that interact with these crimes and how their mishandling, racism, and other bureaucratic factors play into perception and problems within society.

>Number Three<

They Sell You a Dream

Usually when I mention Interlexual Media and porn in a sentence I’m much more literal than what this video is highlighting. Honestly this is one of my favorite videos about wealth porn / flex culture and the wild world of “person on Instagram who known for being wealthy.” As a person who has trouble buying into the American dream, does not want any of the wealth markers, etc. I often find this stuff so distasteful I end up ignoring it but it’s really important to understand such a large part of society and why and how it influences people.

>Number Four<

Don’t @ me about Inside

If you have both the attention span, the stamina, and the pure unbridled energy to watch this CJ the X video you will be utterly rewarded. Art like this makes me really hopeful for the future and how much we can be working towards something better if we just imagine it. While this video is kind of a marathon and I don’t agree with 100% of the content I feel like it’s a smorgasbord, you can come and pick and choose what you need from it. CJ is producing some of the most wild and interesting things on YouTube and he’s highlighted that true fact in this video that I didn’t think Inside was that great but I have thoroughly loved nearly 100% of the conversations I have had because of Inside so I’m not mad.

>Number Five<

Let’s Bring it On Down

Those were some pretty heavy things so let’s just take a second, take a deep breath and follow the musical rabbit hole that is My Analog Journal. If you love chill beats to study to or just exploring music through different lens and DJ sets this is a fantastic YouTube channel that you’ll no doubt enjoy. Every video focuses on a different sound or country or style and then those sounds are mixed into a set that kind of just drifts through them giving you a cross section of sounds and grooves. It’s a great way to just open up some new sounds into your brain all played on lovingly cared for vinyl so you get all the softest, warmest notes. I really recommend taking a listen.

Alright folks, that’s it for this month, see you next month!

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