5 Quick Things: July 2021

Welcome to 5 Quick Things that I saw since last month that I thought were interesting enough to share with you. None of them are particularly timely so feel free to just enjoy 🙂

>Number One<

Seeking Repair, Not Apology

I probably think about forgiveness more than the average person and I do think about it in the lens of my Jewish upbringing so this interview kind of hit home for me in an interesting way. I’m very much looking forward to Ruttenburg’s book coming out next year but until then please enjoy some of the crumbs (and the many links to follow) within this short piece.

>Number Two<

What is Passed Down

This is a really beautiful piece about the complexity of what gets passed down to us, both good and bad. How we take what was given to us and build the blocks towards the future. I’m actually kind of always struck by these pieces which only ever seem to appear from women, about how our bodies mistakes are passed down but that’s probably a story for another day. I was just very touched by this piece I suppose.

>Number Three<

Indian Cinema is Way More than Bollywood

Accented Cinema is YouTube channel focused on “foreign” aka non-American and mostly non-English films and has been doing some really interesting work for the past two-ish years. As a fan of their channel and a fan of the various types of Indian Cinema I just loved this essay which highlights three of the major branches of Indian cinema and suggests a starter movie from each one. All three movies I have already seen and they are all great picks as well as the breakdown of the difference in styles between the major different cinema movements in India. Absolutely recommend this video and then I recommend that you take a few hours and get busy watching some great movies!

>Number Four<

Do you have Dysphoria Questions?

While not laid out in the most intuitive of ways this is actually a really great archive of information about trans-ness, gender, sexuality, and dysphoria covering a very wide range of topics and thoughts that might be confusing or unknown to many people. Written as a guide for those who are confused, questioning, nervous about transitioning, or transitioning but want more information or even for allies who would like more information without exhausting a trans or queer person. It’s comprehensive but compact that it can really help if people have specific questions. I know I’ve linked it a few times since bumping into it.

>Number Five<


Funny story. Back when I played World of Warcraft one of our guild mates played a male character with the name Boudica and to this day I’m not actually sure he even realized its the name of a Welsh queen or if he just liked the sound of it. Anyway I ran across this story about her and I just kind of clicked with it, it’s a pretty short 15-20 minute read and I figured it’d be nice to share something nice. Enjoy!

Alright folks, that’s it for this month, see you next month!

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