5 Quick Things: June 2018

I’m moving this to a monthly feature of five quick things I thought were cool. This way I don’t feel pressured to link you less cooler things in an attempt to churn these out faster. Most of these aren’t particularly timely so just enjoy 🙂


>Number One<

Why Twists Fail

This is a really solid blog post about why some twists in media fail to captivate people and why Twilight Zone works but most of Shyamalan’s works fall flat.

>Number Two<


I’ve liked Movies with Mikey for a little over a year now. He’s usually at his best when he’s narrowing in on something but this video is almost a complete home run exploring how we interact when given free reign (spoilers: we limit ourselves based on societal parameters which are racist, sexist, and more which limit the type of things we can make because we don’t even imagine more than a narrow scope of possibilities!)

>Number Three<

Irish (Gendered) Sign Language

I just found this paper on the variation between how men and women sign in Irish Sign Language to be super fascinating. Moreover, it turns out that women adapt to mens signing but men cannot or do not adapt to how women sign – YOU DON’T SAY! Lots of interesting thoughts about the pressure of societal language acquisition and gender.

>Number Four<

Comics: Now with Feelings!

If you missed it, this is an oldie but a goodie that I just keep coming back to. A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible is just a fantastic gut punch of a comic with dadist and surrealist elements that hang around in your brain for a while. There’s only a handful of comics but each one is special in its own way.

>Number Five<

Image Resizing Made Easy

The unfortunately named but actually really great tool Waifu2x-Multi can resize images without blurring like a champ. While it was clearly originally for anime/art, it actually works fairly well with IRL pictures too and has helped me in a pinch so I think it’s worth sharing.

That’s all for now, join me again next month probably when I find cool stuff just for you (but mostly for me).

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