Poems: May

I think some of these might be from April but since I lost a few poems I had been working on during May it only seems fair. Varying quality because we’re going for quantity these days. (there are 7 poems in random order)

Telephone Game

I talk to you like I want to hear myself
An echo over a line
Whispering back
‘you’re okay now, the worst is over’
but no matter how small I squeeze the sound
it never gets through


It’s so difficult to be
Hard rock, mountain
sloughing slowly off
eroded by the sea
in every direction
turning soft like sand
then hard like glass.

Forth of July

She is practically edible
A snack, a bite, a nibble
A feast, a spread, a buffet
And if she’s cotton candy, she dissolves between my lips
And if she’s popcorn, she’s trapped under my gums
And if she’s caramel, she melts when I talk
And if she’s champagne,
Well it’s only because she was born on independence day
Where they set off fireworks and the reflection of her eyes tells me she’s free

Find Each Other

Go out through the corn field at night
Rustling and stomping
Straight through the glass ceiling
Shaking and screaming
And when it’s not you
I go running
Or when it is you
I’ll curl up to sleep

i am a house haunted

i am a house haunted
body, made of shadow
no inch vacant of specter
breathing into skin
a singular species born from ghosts
drifting on spirits
drowned by a cascade of ancestors
mother after mother
spilling blood
bringing life
making death
their circular seance, chanting veins
that call me home


Don’t carry it up the hill if no one asked for it to be carried
Or stomp on the floor when you don’t get your way
Running razor blades along the soft plane of your tongue
Throwing nails while you sit on your laurels,
waiting to be strung up
yearning to be punished
when you know you can’t learn from a mistake you haven’t made

“but how will you use this?”

I didn’t tell you but I won’t.
I will hold it and horde it.
I will own it and hide it.
And savor that there is some part of me
untouched, untapped, unmined.

Safe from you.

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